Lydia Loveless Is ‘Manic and Excited and Inspired’

By Elliott Sharp on 20 February 2014 in Features

We spoke with Lydia Loveless about her new album, ‘Somewhere Else,’ out now via Bloodshot Records.

Lydia Loveless is walking home from hot yoga. “It was fucking hellish,” she says. “But it’s the warmest thing you can do in Ohio right now. It’s 105 degrees in the room, so it’s pretty awesome, if you like torturing yourself, which I do. It’s exhilarating.”

If you listen to the 23-year-old musician’s new album, ‘Somewhere Else,’ out this week through Bloodshot Records, it is not hard to tell she enjoys a bit of torture. The songs are about losing at love and life and whatever else there is to lose. But Loveless always sounds like she’s having the time of her life.

She seeks corners around corners, drinks way too much wine, takes loneliness to the extreme, loves head, and romanticizes that one time Verlaine shot Rimbaud. The music is a bit alt-country — think Whiskeytown — and a bit punk — think: The Replacements. And Loveless has a spectacular twang and timeless power to her voice.

‘Somewhere Else’ is Loveless’ third full-length album and it is also her strongest. With a new band behind her, she sounds more confident and urgent and on fire than ever. As she was walking from yoga to her home, in Columbus, Ohio, I asked her a few questions about her new album, Beck’s new album, and some things she tweeted on Twitter.

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