Creepin and Reekin With Lydia Loveless

by Rev. Dan Jackson Published May 2014

With three separate releases—Boy Crazy (EP), Somewhere Else (LP), and the single “Mile High” b/w “Blind”—all jammed into the last six months, Lydia Loveless has been everywhere at once. She was kind enough to chat with me about nervous breakdowns, maturing as an artist, and the importance of your neighborhood record store.

The first thing I want to ask is: do you ever get tired of dragging around your enormous set of shiny brass testicles?

[Laughing] Oh, I don’t know. I’m pretty proud of them! I like to show them off.

Nothing wrong with that. Record Store Day was just the other day and you released an original single,“Mile High,” with a cover of Ke$ha’s “Blind” on the other side. The cover seems to be getting more attention than the original tune.

We kind of expected that, actually.

But the thing that catches me about it is that when you sing “Blind,” you make it sound like you wrote it yourself.

I mean, obviously it’s a very produced pop song, so I wanted to just take it and despoil it for what it is: just a pretty, sad song.

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illustration by Brent Houzenga

illustration by Brent Houzenga