Lydia Loveless at the 7th St Entry: An important new voice

By Josh WodarzTC Daily Planet

April 25, 2014

Country punk rocker Lydia Loveless and her band started their set at the 7th St Entry last night playing opener “To Love Somebody” with the same reckless energy most people play their last rocker of the evening. They maintained the intensity of that song through out the whole show–despite or because of the bottle of whiskey they brought on stage with them–even if they didn’t always maintain the breakneck tempo they had on that song. They performed like a rock n roll hurricane, you were either going to get swept up with them or you were going to be destroyed. Loveless has many songs that embody an emotional core similar to the way they performed–you’re either going to be swept up by her or destroyed by her. By the end of their 90 minute set, Loveless and her band had proved that it was better to join them in their musical mayhem.
The band itself was a sight to behold with Loveless looking tiny next to her giant of a bass player, Ben Lamb, who played an upright bass that was almost larger than him for most of the evening. The bass seemed to barely fit the height of the Entry’s stage, and that seemed the same for the whole band. They were all constantly in motion, Loveless and Lamb throwing their long hair around, guitarist Todd May wrenching every note from his Telecaster, and when the pedal steel players stood up to play 12 string guitar it looked like he was boxed in and unable to move, but wanted to so badly.

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