While I have a minute...

Hellooooo Carbondale Illinois. Playing Hangar 9 tonight. Nearing the end of the tour, which is always “bittersweet” if I used words like bittersweet. It’s good to be going home, but it always feels a little like coming back from the moon. A little strange to say the least. Especially after a tour so fulfilling and enjoyable.

Our usually trusty Dodge van finally started having some problems in DC the other day. I don’t drive, nor do I understand anything about cars, but it was something to do with the transmission slipping (duuuuhhhrrrrr….). Ben made a call to a mechanic who told us we needed a complete transmission overhaul which would cost at least a couple grand and take a few days. Lucky for us though, he also rented out vans for only a hundred dollars a day! Har dee har har. We decided to get a second opinion and, thanks to the friendly musician mechanic folks at Herndon Transmission Repair we were able to play the gig that night in Roanoke with no troubles. Now I just need to get rid of this damn cold and I’ll be all set to finish out the tour the proper way.

Feeling my usual end-of-tour empty headedness so I’ll cut this short. See you on the road.