The return of Loveless

Well, HOW-DEE. Haven’t posted on here in a while, mostly because I have been kind of on “vacation” and nobody wants to read about how I got up, drank coffee, and read, now do they? OK, I’ve also been working on music.

Saturday was Bloodshot Records 18th anniversary in Chicago and we made the trek up to play. I love going to Chicago, because I get to see a lot of friendly/familiar faces AND I always seem to come away with about 10 new records to listen to (cos, you know, I have connections there…) Anyway, the show was fabulous in one of those trainwrecky, what-the-hell-are-you-gonna-do-about-it ways. I managed to catch a horrible cold a couple days before, and by Friday had almost completely lost my voice. That didn’t stop me from being the chatterbox I am, but y’know…I woke up on Saturday barely able to whisper any bitchy commentary, but by the afternoon I was feeling back in the swing of things and decided to “warm up” my voice at soundcheck. Well, I could sing like a bird, so I went for it full force, and knocked my vocals back down to Janis Joplin (minus the ability to hit high notes) level. When I took the stage for real I felt like a damned idiot, but the show was one of the most fun I’ve ever played regardless. I felt very special to be a part of it, and not one person told me afterwards I sound too much like Neko Case, due to my cold!

Now I have a little bit of time off for the rest of the month (EXCEPT a show at MOTR Pub in Cinci on the 26th!) I’m happy to be home for the snippet of good fall weather we get in Ohio. Now that the 100+ degree weather is out of the way (for now) I finally get to indulge in jacket wearing, tea drinking, creepy book reading activities. Eff summer.

Look out for us on the west coast and pray we don’t get hassled driving thru a certain area to get there, much like anyone whoever had the misfortune to  play an instrument and smoke completely natural, harmless drugs. Have a good one!