The Great Procrastinator…

As I sit here doing anything I can to not get the things I need done done…I would like to direct your eyes to our upcoming shows….

11.06.12 UK London
Brixton Windmill

Lydia Loveless 11.07.12 UK Bristol
Start the Bus

Lydia Loveless 11.08.12 UK Doncaster
The Leopard

Lydia Loveless 11.09.12 UK Glasgow
School of Art

Lydia Loveless 11.10.12 UK Newcastle
Cluny 2

Lydia Loveless 11.11.12 UK Wakefield
The Hop

Lydia Loveless 11.12.12 UK London
Brixton Windmill

Lydia Loveless 11.14.12 NL Leiden

Lydia Loveless 11.15.12 BE Geel
Bacchus Cafe

Lydia Loveless 11.16.12 NL Veenhuizen

Lydia Loveless 11.17.12 NL Middleburg
De Spot

Lydia Loveless 11.18.12 NL Ottersum

Couldn’t be more excited/nervous about this trip, and I can’t wait to meet some new friends as I bumble along through Europe…

For now, I’ll stick to packing, playing guit-fiddle, and doing all I can to avoid this horrible weather outside. Praying and hoping for the well-being of my friends east of Ohio as they experience the worst of Sandy. See you all soon…