Sound Opinions, home, stuff….

Hi everyone! Home again home again from another great run of shows. These past couple weeks I got to take out two different guitar players, for the first few days we had Jeff German (of the Cur Dogs, the Blankety Blanks, and many more..) and Todd May  (who played on Indestructible Machine and also has his own band The Mooncussers plus many past acts) for the second, southern part of the tour. They both bring out different sides of the music and are fucking hilarious so it was a nice mixed bag.

Now, I have quite a bit of much needed time off for writing and the nervous breakdowns that come along with that activity. As fun as the past year has been it’s definitely been tough and stressful at times and I’m ready to face it with a telecaster and a tremolo pedal. But don’t worry I’ll still be playing a couple shows for you.

AND for your listening pleasure, a month or so ago (don’t ask someone like me for specifics as I have horrible memory) we took a trip to Chicago to record a sound opinions episode. It was fun as hell and you can listen to it here:

My dorky voice tells you about growing up and stuff, and we play a new song. So listen listen!

See ya laterz