Oh, Canada ...

Sitting here in Banff AB drinking coffee (Starbucks, must be a local company?) and staring out at our lovely view of the parking lot and thought I’d check in. The scenery for the past couple weeks has been beautiful enough to make your head hurt, so my eyes could use some downtime. Had our shows here in Banff get cancelled so we did some hiking yesterday, in our rock’n’roll gear and looked like idiots I’m sure. A group of people hauling kettle bells and pausing periodically to do push ups on the trail made me feel quite stupid since I was out of breath by the first hill. I’m normally in ok shape, but touring takes it out of you (and when I say “ok” I really do mean “mediocre”…..)

Shows have been pretty good and I’m anxious to play again. As a musician I am a wretched tourist. So check out our itinerary and I’ll see you on the road! Gonna go work on my guitar shredding skills (hah…)