New merch!

Hi everyone,
I wanted to direct your attention to our merch section and check out some new t-shirts we have up. One I am particularly excited about is the one based on my song “Wine Lips”. My friend Shane Sweeney (bass player from the band Two Cow Garage/talented songwriter/T-SHIRT DESIGNER?!) did this one. About a year ago he started this thing called “Morning Songs”, where he draws a picture of whatever song’s stuck in his head that morning. It’s perdy awesome, check it out

It’s finally warm and sunny (for the next five minutes) in grey old Columbus, Ohio, but I’m binging on Joy Division and writing depressing poetry. I’ve quit smoking, so I have nothing to rely on in my time of need except my guitar, my piano, and a thrift store copy of Valley of the Dolls. Have I turned back into a teenager? Find out in our next episode! 

In seriousness, I am getting pretty stoked about our upcoming tour with the Old 97’s. Check the tour schedule and see if we’ll be near you! If not, just be patient and I’ll come see you sometime this year…