Home sweet home

Hard to believe I am sitting on my bed at home again. For some reason this last run really took the starch out of me (wow, cliché alert). Felt like we were gone for three years. On the bright side, it was a blast. Canada is truly a beautiful country. I was totally nerded out to be opening for the Supersuckers to begin with, and the fact that they are awesome dudes and we all got along was a bonus. Marty ended up sitting (standing, whatever) in with us for all but like 3 of the shows as we were without our dear Todd on guitar, and it sounded bad ass. I am certainly going to need some downtime after a month on the road with them.

Anyhoo, I am really excited to be home and playing a show at my favorite Columbus bar Ace of Cups on June 27th. Should be a great show since we haven’t played here since November. Also, doin’ vocals next few days, hence the tea drinking even though it is 900 degrees in my house. Good times.

I am still quite braindead from tour so ttfn. Got songs to write.