Classin' it up

Since we have the night off, Ben and I decided to get a decent meal, something we don’t get to do often but since we are in seafood country why the hell not? We thought since we had just rolled into town we would be the weirdest or sloppiest people there but no such luck. As we sat down a “gentleman” entered and immediately began complaining about everything he could think of. Since I am an incurable eavesdropper, I listened in horror to his every nagging word. He seemed to be set off by our charmingly awkward waiter calling him and his companions “you guys”, then was angry that he was brought butter with his dinner roll (“IDUNNEEDBUTTER!”) and when olives were brought with his salad, he exclaimed “GETEMOUTTAHERE!GETEMOFFTHEPLATE!”  Ben and I finished our delicious meal and were considering another drink but Father Nagsalot made our decision for us. We left unable to take anymore bitching about marxism, the LGBT community, the non-white agenda and (no kidding) vikings.

I don’t like people who talk because they distract me from my real goal in life: eating.

It was a long day of driving but it’s good to have thenight to write, read, and sleep. Yeah, I’m kinda lame.  Tomorrow we play the Dover Brickhouse in Dover, NH! Good to be on the road!