2013, reallllyyyy?

Still taking in the whole New Year thing. While I resolved not to make a list of resolutions, I have also resolved to do a complete makeover of my personality and life. I would like to grab 2013 by the gonads, so to speak. But my brain’s still floating around a little bit and not quite grasping that it’s actually 20effing13.

In a recent interview, probably my most candid to date, haha, I was asked about homeschooling and while it is a great interview I don’t always say the right thing when the tape is rolling and I do feel like I gave a pretty lame answer to that and it’s been floating around in my head. What I should have said is that my parents were supportive of everything each of us was interested in, that they were excellent teachers and that I’m grateful to have a family that supports my doing something artistic for a living. Even in 2013 where it’s pretty difficult to do anything you enjoy as a career, they have never told me I am delusional and should give up. They always encouraged us to read and learn and take part in things that would educate us and help us grow as people. That’s why I am the songwriting nut I am today.

My new songs are shaping up to be very Ohio oriented. Lots of places and people from the past and present showing up. Hopefully everyone likes them and no one sues me over some of the grittier sides of the stories. 

Just a few things I was thinking about. Enjoying my time at home but also itching to get back out on the road. Happy New Year—